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PPP and Safran Partnership Remains Strong

As we roll into 2017 PPP and Safran continue strong partnership.

St. Charles, IL, October 3, 2016 – Perfect Plastic Printing (PPP) announced today the continued partnership between Safran Identity & Security and Perfect Plastic Printing.  On September 29, 2016 Safran announced they have entered into an exclusive negotiation with Advent International, associated with Bpifrance, for the sale of its Identity & Security activities.  During this period, PPP and Safran Identity & Security are committed to providing the same outstanding products and service levels as currently offered.

PPP has long standing relationships with our customers and remains committed to providing the same level of service while Safran Identity & Security enters into negotiations with Advent.  We anticipate that the acquisition of Safran Identity & Security by Advent will not be completed until mid-2017.  There will be no interruption of service during this transaction.  Our partnership will continue to serve the interests of our customers with the same quality product offering.  All commitments that Safran Identity & Security has with PPP will remain in full force.  All products will continue to be supported until LoA expiration.  Furthermore, it is confirmed that the JMV Plus v4, JMV Pro v4, JMV Pro v3 and the JMV Pro CL v3 modules will remain available for delivery as long as they are certified and will go through their respective LoA renewal process provided renewals are authorized by payment brands and required by our customers.

Perfect Plastic remains an independent manufacturer of payment devices.  As an independent manufacturer we are confident in our ability to provide our customers with a broad range of products and the highest levels of service available in the industry.  PPP has a strong background in the payment industry, and through the partnership with Safran Identity & Security we have developed an expertise in EMV and will continue to grow our portfolio into the future.  Commitment to our customers remains our number one focus.

For questions or further information please contact Dave Moser, VP Sales.