Dual Interface

In todays fast-paced payment industry, terminology is constantly evolving.  Where we once called cards that were accepted in both contact and contactless payment terminals "dual interface", that terms has now been replaced with EMV or Contactless because "true contactless" cards are all but extinct. You can have it both ways – ...read more

Metal Cards

Innovation and luxury meet secure smart card solutions. Metal cards evoke prestige and with a wide range of options and price points, Card USA’s metal cards can be integrated into any portfolio. Upgrade your standard, plastic cards to full metal or hybrid cards that give your cardholders a sense of ...read more

EMV: Contact and Contactless

You can have it both ways – insert or wave. The dual interface feature of credit and debit cards gives customers the flexibility to operate with either a contactless reader or a physical reader, depending on what the situation dictates. Contactless cards come equipped with an antenna that allows users to simply ...read more

Landing Page Test

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