Metal Cards

Innovation and luxury meet secure smart card solutions. Metal cards evoke prestige and with a wide range of options and price points, Card USA’s metal cards can be integrated into any portfolio. Upgrade your standard, plastic cards to full metal or hybrid cards that give your cardholders a sense of weight and stability right in the palm of their hands. Our metal cards are tested and approved for contact, contactless and duel interface solutions and feature options for unique, customized engraving.
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CompoSecure is proud to offer customized metal card manufacturing services. Our diverse industry experience provides a very collaborative environment to enhance card designs with materials and production techniques not available in standard plastics. Our patented metal card technology puts us in a position uniquely suited to meet the needs of our financial institution’s affluent customer. Our metal cards have consistently been top of wallet over the last decade. They elevate the cardholder’s experience at point of sale, which increases consumer spend and cardholder retention.

Metal cards have become a status symbol or a reflection of a high-end lifestyle