Metal Card Products


Perfect Plastic Printing offers four options of metal cards to fit your needs and price point. These cards range in price from least to greatest as the heaviness of the metal increases within the card. Our card options include: Embedded Metal (12 Grams), Metal Veneer Lite(15 Grams), Metal Veneer (17 Grams), and Full Metal DI (23 Grams).


Our most cost efficient and lightest metal card at 12 Grams is the Embedded Metal card. The Embedded Metal card can deliver significant volume and scale for larger card portfolios. Even with limited design capabilities, this card construct can be delivered to include dual interface payment technology.

Embedded Metal Cards:

  • Dual Interface Compatible
  • Emv chip compatible
  • Magnetic stripe compatible
  • Polymer/metal/ polymer construction
  • Limited tactile Graphical elements
  • High volume product


Targeting the Mass Affluent market, Metal Veneer cards are very economical and offer the most flexibility incorporating tactile and non-tactile multicolor graphical elements and mechanical engraving. Offered in two different weights so that clients can differentiate multi-tiered portfolios using similar card designs.

Metal Veener/Metal Veener Lite Cards:

  • 17 Grams – 15 Grams (Lite)
  • Dual Interface Compatible
  • Emv chip compatible
  • Magnetic stripe compatible
  • Laser engraved Personalization
  • Straightforward metal composite construction
  • Greatest flexibility to incorporate graphical elements
  • Multiple color design options
  • Mechanical engraving and or graphical features


Targeting the Ultra High Net Worth market, Full Metal cards are our heaviest at 23 Grams, and most expensive product. Featuring 2D/3D etched and engraved graphical elements, these cards can contain tactile color accents, 24 Karat Gold and Gems.

Full Metal Cards:

  • 23 Grams
  • Dual interface compatible
  • Laser engraved personalization
  • Feature 2D-3D etched or engraved graphical elements on front & back of card
  • Durable Color Coating
  • Accent features such as 24 Karat gold and gems
  • Individually embedded security features


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