Perfect Plastic and NIDS Partnership

Perfect Plastic Printing continues our long-standing partnership through NID Security (NIDS) – An IDEMIA Company:

Perfect Plastic Printing (PPP) began a strategic partnership with SAFRAN Identity & Security (MORPHO N.A.) in 2002, bringing together our expertise in card manufacturing with MORPHO N.A.’s payment and security technologies.  This partnership has allowed PPP to offer our customers an extensive portfolio of innovative payment products and services such as contact and contactless cards, high-end printing capabilities, and card personalization.  During this time, Perfect Plastic’s product offering has been expanded to include advanced payment solutions such as mobile payment services, global leading biometric solutions, digital customer enrollment, authentication and identification.

Advent International, the parent company of Oberthur Technologies (OT) in May 2017, acquired MORPHO N.A. and created OT-MORPHO. On September 28, 2017, OT-MORPHO announced a name change to IDEMIA.  As part of this change, NID Security (NIDS) has assumed the role of supporting PPP and our customers, succeeding MORPHO N.A. in the partnership.  NIDS was acquired by OT in 2014 due to their advanced technology in powered cards, such as dynamic CVV, and is now in charge of the indirect sales channel of IDEMIA, offering chip modules as well as other products in the IDEMIA portfolio.

PPP has long-standing relationships with our customers and remains committed to providing the highest level of service and quality products with our new channel partner, NIDS.  PPP is excited about the opportunity to work with NIDS as it brings an even broader range of products that we are able to offer our customers.  NIDS represents the independent sales channel of IDEMIA with its own dedicated sales, customer service and technical support team to address and support PPP and our customers.  Further enhancing the relationship, sales and support team members from MORPHO N.A. are now a dedicated part of the NIDS team, allowing PPP to maintain our strong relationships and grow with the larger NIDS team.  In addition to our current product offering, our relationship with NIDS allows PPP access to the advanced product portfolio of the IDEMIA group’s cutting edge and competitive technologies.

PPP remains an independent manufacturer of payment devices and personalization solutions.  As an independent manufacturer, we are confident in our ability to provide our customers with a broad range of products and the highest levels of service available in the industry.  PPP has over 50 years of payment industry experience, and through our continuing partnership with NIDS, we will continue to grow our portfolio of world-class products and solutions into the future. In an extremely dynamic payment market, commitment to our customers remains our number one focus.

For questions or further information, please contact Kevin McKee, Director of Sales.