A World Leader in plastic card manufacturing
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Perfect Plastic Printing is a pioneer in the card manufacturing industry. Founded in 1965, we have been a plastic card manufacturer since the beginning of credit cards. Our long history has provided us the opportunity to produce many industry firsts – from the magnetic stripe to clear credit cards.

Innovation, Quality and Performance are words that have described the pioneering spirit of Perfect Plastic Printing for the past 50 years. While Quality and Performance are the standards upon which our company was founded, our Innovation is what sets us apart. We continually build upon our knowledge and past experiences while researching and bringing new technologies to the card market such as recycled credit cards to EMV Smart Cards for the growing US market.

  • Perfect Plastic Printing is one of the top 5 producers of payment cards worldwide.
  • With the capacity to produce more than 400 million cards per year, PPP manufactures and personalizes cards for prepaid providers, retail organizations, and major financial institutions.
  • Open Loop Prepaid, Closed Loop Prepaid, Credit, Debit, ATM, EMV, Contactless, Dual Interface and Mag stripe cards
  • Secure Facility is VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, AMEX® certified.