Perfect Plastic Printing has 55 years of card manufacturing experience and a long history of environmental stewardship. This is achieved on many fronts throughout the organization. While we strive to offer products that have less impact on the environment our core business remains traditional PVC cards. To reduce the impact of these products we have enhanced our printing and manufacturing processes over the past several decades and made it a policy to conduct business and manufacturing in a manner that is environmentally friendly.

Green Products

Perfect Plastic Printing is continually searching for alternatives to the standard PVC card. Our product development is designed to produce ISO compliant and secure card approved alternatives – including recycled, biodegradable, wood and PLA. We offer several “green” alternatives with our line of renew® products. Our success in developing “green” alternatives allows our customers to achieve their environmental initiatives.

Our current renew® product line includes:

  • renew®/recycled
  • These products offer all the convenience and functionality of traditional cards in a more responsible package. Reduce – reuse – renew®
  • Contact Perfect Plastic for more information regarding our current and future product offerings.

Solvent Emissions Reduction

Perfect Plastic has achieved 100% production of lithographic output using UV curable inks which produce no volatile organic emissions. Additionally, our use of solvent-borne screen inks has been reduced to 5% (95% waterborne or UV curable technology).

Sheet and Card Scrap Reduction

Perfect Plastic has a comprehensive scrap reduction initiative in place. Sheet stock is allocated per customer order to the presses. All waste schedules have been reduced several times in core stock allocation. Maintenance programs are built into the schedules further improving waste reduction.

Scrap Plastic Shredding & Recycling

All plastic scrap we generate in card production, such as plastic skeletons from cut sheets and shredded card waste, are turned over to a plastic recycling firm which transforms them into stock used to manufacture other plastic products.

Recycled Packaging Materials

We receive our raw materials packaged in paper, cardboard, and plastic. These materials are separated, collected, and turned over to recycling firms.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Credit card production generates scrap aluminum print plates, scrap stainless steel lamination plates, and steel stamping dies. When these have reached the end of use, we turn them over to a metal recycling firm.

Facilities Energy Savings Initiatives

We regularly service energy-intensive equipment to improve reliability and energy efficiency. We are systematically replacing electrical devices in our plant with more energy-efficient versions. Our plant illumination system has been upgraded to high-efficiency CFL technology.

Overs Shipping Policy

To meet order fulfillment requirements, we plan a percentage of overproduction. This can result in additional cards above that which the customer ordered. It is our policy that we will ship up to 10% over the Customer’s order quantity, thereby saving these additional cards from immediately being put into the waste stream.

Expended Card and Obsolete Inventory Return Program

Perfect Plastic Printing is authorized to destroy secure credit cards returned through financial customers. Arrangements can be made through the Customer Service Department.