PPP Prioritizes responsible card production.

Responsible Card Production

Responsible Card Production With Solvent Emissions Reduction

Perfect Plastic prioritizes responsible card production, achieving 100% lithographic output with UV curable inks, emitting no volatile organics. Additionally, 95% of our screen inks are waterborne or UV curable, minimizing environmental impact.

Sheet and Card Scrap Reduction

Perfect Plastic has a comprehensive scrap reduction initiative in place. Sheet stock is allocated per customer order to the presses. All waste schedules have been reduced several times in core stock allocation. Maintenance programs are built into the schedules further improving waste reduction.

Facilities Energy Savings Initiatives

Energy intensive equipment are routinely serviced to improve energy efficiency and reliability. We are systematically replacing electrical devices in the plant with more energy-efficient versions. We have upgraded the illumination system thourghout the production facility with motion sensing, high-efficiency LED technology. Lights are on only in occupied areas and are up to 80% more efficient while illuminating our production floor. High efficiency LED lighting is scheduled for installation for our executive office facility Q4 2024.

Overs Shipping Policy

To meet order fulfillment requirements, we plan a percentage of overproduction. This can result in additional cards above that which the customer ordered. It is our policy that we will ship up to 10% over the Customer’s order quantity, thereby saving these additional cards from immediately being put into the waste stream.

Expended Card and Obsolete Inventory Return Program

Perfect Plastic Printing is offers secure destruction of all secure payment cards, including: PVC, rPVC and Metal cards returned through financial customers. Please contact your sales manager or service support team for details.