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Innovative EMV Chip Solutions for Education and Healthcare

With nearly six decades of industry excellence, Perfect Plastic Printing stands at the forefront of EMV chip card technology. Trusted by major financial institutions including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, we deliver secure, reliable card solutions to thousands of banks, credit unions, and fintech companies. Now, we’re bringing our expertise into the education and healthcare sectors to revolutionize access, security, and convenience in new and exciting ways.

Education Sector

Empowering Educational Environments with Smart Chip Technology

At Perfect Plastic Printing, we understand the dynamic needs of educational institutions. Our chip cards are designed to enhance the campus experience for students, faculty, and staff by integrating payment functionality:

  • Streamlined Payments: From cafeterias to bookstores, our chip cards simplify transactions, making it easier for students to manage and utilize their meal plans and campus credits.

We tailor our technology to meet the unique needs of each institution, delivering solutions that are not only functional but also foster a more connected and secure campus environment.

Healthcare Sector

Innovating Healthcare Services with Advanced Chip Solutions

The healthcare industry requires precision, security, and efficiency. As we work to become HIPPA compliant, our goal is to provide Medical Data Storage in the near future.

Perfect Plastic Printing’s EMV chip cards offer a versatile tool for healthcare providers and patients alike:

  • Healthcare Savings Accounts: Facilitate easy access to funds with chip cards linked directly to healthcare savings accounts, streamlining payments and reimbursements.

As we venture into these vital sectors, our commitment to innovation, security, and reliability continues to drive our mission forward, ensuring that Perfect Plastic Printing remains your trusted partner in EMV chip card solutions.

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