Dual Interface / Contactless

Dual interface cards, also known as Contactless cards come equipped with an antenna that allows users to simply wave their card in front of the reader.  The contactless feature of Dual interface cards have the best of both worlds, giving customers the flexibility to operate with either a contactless reader ...read more

Perfect Plastic EMV Production

In 2002 Perfect Plastic Printing began production of our first EMV cards. The card manufacturing expertise of Perfect Plastic with our smart card technologies, allows Perfect Plastic the ability to offer their customers world-class EMV solutions, while continuing to provide the highest levels of customer service and card manufacturing available in ...read more

Benefits of EMV

EMV Technology utilizes a small data processing chip embedded in a plastic card to transmit encrypted data during a cardholder transaction. The chip card was developed to reduce card fraud.  Due to the expensive telecommunication costs in Europe the chip was added to the card and enabled a connection with the ...read more

Why EMV?

EMV is about global interoperability and will help foster the adoption of newer technologies such as contactless, NFC or mobile. Europe mandated EMV in 2005. Major U.S. credit and debit card associations including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express have announced roadmaps to migrate EMV to the United States.  In October 2015 ...read more