Perfect Plastic EMV Production

In 2002 Perfect Plastic Printing began production of our first EMV cards. The card manufacturing expertise of Perfect Plastic with our smart card technologies, allows Perfect Plastic the ability to offer their customers world-class EMV solutions, while continuing to provide the highest levels of customer service and card manufacturing available in the industry.

Perfect Plastic Printing has partnerships with long established security companies providing security products and solutions over a very broad range of industries.  Our partnerships provide development, production and personalization of certified smart cards of multiple brands, in large scale, globally.

The EMV payment product line that we support includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We provide Contact and Dual Interface products meeting all credit and debit network requirements. We can also assist with NFC, TSM and other mobile payment applications.

EMV Solutions:

Products Offered

Java Platform: Our Java cards are fully customizable and highly flexible. Based on JavaCard and GlobalPlatform specifications, Java product range offers the benefits of an open, secure and fully interoperable environment ideally tailored to multi-application solutions. Applets can be loaded or deleted at any time, even on cards already in the field. This significantly extends cards’ lifecycle and of course reduces the costs of issuing new cards.

The fully interoperable Java applications give issuers the flexibility to use the same applet on different Java platforms. Based on the latest international standards, our Java cards allow you to significantly enhance your independence from suppliers and cut your application development costs.

Native Platform: Our native operating systems are flexible, functional, and available with either SDA or DDA, while still retaining cost efficiency. Standardization helps reduce complexity in everyday business, freeing up resources that can be devoted to new and innovative ideas.

Multos: The MULTOS platform is a true multi-application platform that supports the loading of applications onto cards already in the field (post-issuance). Furthermore the specific MULTOS loading process ensures that the application is authenticated and its integrity checked by means of dedicated certificates. The card issuer remains in full control of the cards throughout their lifecycle.

Contactless and NFC Technology

  • Issuers have the option to include a dual interface contact and contactless card that can be utilized by physical contact or by “waving” the card near the payment terminal. These cards use an antenna to communicate with payment terminals and dramatically increases the speed of transactions.
  • NFC: Today‘s multi-functional mobile phones are far more than the single application device used to just make phone calls. Mobile phones are always on and always with you. As music and video players, digital cameras, e-mail, text messaging and Internet devices, they have become entertainment centers and play a vital part in our modern lifestyle. Adding payment functions is just the logical next step. And with the integration of NFC technology in handsets, the worlds of electronic payment and mobile phones are converging. Contactless transaction technology has been very successful in the worldwide payment market. Consumers are embracing NFC technology. After a short period of proof of concept and pilot projects, the market has quickly adopted this technology as part of its payment portfolio. Some card issuers have even converted or are in the process of converting their whole card portfolio to support contactless payment. Typically targeting low-value transactions, the obvious advantages of contactless payments are also valid for mobile payments using NFC-enabled handsets.