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Perfect Plastic Printing was the first to recognize the special needs of credit cards and the 100% accountability that they would require. As an organization, we have been certified to run our operation at or beyond the stringent security standards of all of the leading credit card companies since the inception of their certification processes.

Perfect Plastic Printing is the leader in the secure card industry. We are second to none in this area and take great pride in operating at this level of security for the peace of mind of our customers. Stringent controls are maintained on all aspects of the business as well as the manufacturing environment.

Security measures include:

  • CCTV cameras
  • A high security vault
  • Restricted movement within the manufacturing plant
  • Monitoring of visitors
  • Frequent audits both within the manufacturing process and on a regular basis from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

Perfect Plastic Printing is also a member of the IAFCI (International association of Financial Crime Investigators), a trade group dedicated to financial crime prevention. Our participation crosses industry boundaries to focus on eliminating all financial fraud. We feel that this corporate priority enhances the secure manufacturing environment for financial transaction cards.

Innovation at Perfect Plastic extends beyond the cards. Part of the value of Proven Experience is the 100% accountability Perfect Plastic provides in security. Every security measure recognized by the secure card industry is a part of our strong commitment to prevent financial crimes.